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At J&C Jewellers Gallery, we want your online store experience to be enjoyable and we take care to respect your privacy when you contact us, head office or customer services or visit our website. J&C Jewellers Gallery supports the importance that the community places on the maintenance of informational privacy of individuals’ personal and sensitive information. This extends to the collection and management of information held in its records regarding individuals.

J&C Jewellers Gallery’s Privacy Policy is to inform people of:

  • how and when we collect personal information;

  • how we use and disclose personal information;

  • how we keep personal information secure, accurate and up-to-date;

  • how an individual can access and correct their personal information; and

  • how we will facilitate or resolve a privacy complaint.


At J&C Jewellers Gallery, our mission is to provide maximum value for our customer's dollar. We search the world to bring you the best collection of jewellery and giftware at competitive prices.

All savings shown on this website, in our catalogues and in our stores are relative to our normal ticketed prices for the item(s) when it(they) are not on sale. Few or no sales may have been made at the normal ticketed price, but the product will have been displayed and offered for sale at the "was" or "were" price for a reasonable period prior to the offer period.

J&C Jewellers Gallery reserves the right to alter or correct prices without notice if necessary. If this occurs after an order is confirmed as received and before it is dispatched we will contact you to ascertain whether you still wish to purchase the affected product(s) at the corrected price(s).


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