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Jewellery Repairs

1. Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, Eternity Ring

We are offering an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring for your bride. Especially, we are specialising on eternity ring which symbolizes neverending love for you and your bride's special and significant anniversary.


2. Clean, Polish, & Rhodium plating

Did you think your white gold jewellrys lost its glittering white look? Or do you want to make it white gold for personal preference?

Then this service would be suitable for you that Rhodium allows the metal looks more high-priced product

or you can just do this to maintain its lustre! 


3. Ring sizing

If you feel like your ring that no longer fits or needs an heirloom ring resized, we can adjust it properly for your comfort fitting.

Resizing could be done depending on types of rings; s/sliver, 9ct yellow gold & white gold, 18ct yellow gold & white gold.

And it can be turn into; down, 1up to 5 up. Trade repair price list can be see on "Document" page of this site or feel free to ask us.

Measuring Gold Ring
Diamond Ring

4. Set stone / Reset stone

As our master jewellers have professional techniques, we can simply remove gemstones and replace to the another one

if you want to considerable changes. We provide services for various type of jewellery such as pendants, chain, and rings.


5. Retips / New claw

When your ring is damaged, then you could do retipping claw or replacing to a new claw to use your jewelry for a long time.

Because of frequently uses, most of rings can be damaged so that you may search for a way to get it repaired.

Our service includes retipping claw, new claw, reset stone, reglue pearl and bead, stone settings that we recommend you to get our wonderful repair service.


6. Soldering / Join - Chains / Bracelets

Join / Shorten: Basic 1st solder, additional solder, fancy 1st solder, and other additional solder.

Soldering: Bale/final, safety chain, jump ring and build up finals

Safety catches: Supply new bale/final, replace figure 8 wire, new figure 8 clasp, replace hasp on p/lock,

large bolt ring, and repair box clasp

(Price range is depending on s/silver, 9ct, 18ct)

Bridal Jewelry
Gold Jewelry

7. Reshape & Polish - Bangles

- Rejoin / downsize, reshape & polish, resize -

This service would be suitable for someone who has found their bangles bent out of its shape after many years with loving wear.

We can bend it back into the shape with our restoring work by master jewellers. And also, we may do polishing after completion of

repair works when you want to add this process to eliminate any scratches or patches from the repair work or daily uses.

The final works of jewellery will not be seen dull and look old from any dirt.

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